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H.K. Builders & General Contractors has worked with numerous companies in different markets. Together with our partners we have been able to accomplish various projects such as: NCC international (Saudi Arabia) Substation 66/11 KV a long Langat and Ngong, KEC (India) Substation 66/11 KV, a long Ridges and Kiambu, African E.E (Spain) Naivasha Substation 132/33KV, Kaburu Substation 66/11KV, Kabete Substation 66/11KV. Kenya power who is our main partner, funded by the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, under the Sector recovery Project (ESRP) aided in the completion of the above projects.

OlKaria is another project we undertook, in association with KENGEN we were involved with the single largest geothermal project in Africa which has a capacity of 280 megawatts in OlKaria. We have collaborated with KEC international of India who are the main contractors in the substation & transmission lines. H.K builders are executing 132K & 220K substations.

In addition we H.K Builders worked on ImaraDaima – Railway Station This is a project funded by the Kenyan Government through, the Railways Corporation as part of the passenger commutor rail project. These just a few of the projects wa have undertaken.

  • Strategic Partners

We have teamed up with both international and local manufacturers to ensure that we deliver quality services to our clients. Having a wide range of sources of materials and equipment enhancing the value of work delivered.

  • Expertise

Having work on numerous projects we have acquired a wealth of resources that aids us in the undertaking of our projects.

  • Capacity

We provide the skills and equipment to plan and deliver all type of projects, regardless of size and complexity, on time and within budget, making your projects a reality.

  • Innovation

Given the ever changing demands of both the industry and clients we have dedicated a substantial amount of our resources, in the acquisition of the best equipment in the market. In addition we possess a wealth of talented, well trained and creative employees who are committed to finding new ways to improve and address these ever-changing demands.

  • Equipment

Due to the complexity of our work, our firm has committed itself in sourcing the very best equipment in the market. Aiding our employees in the overall delivery of our projects.