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H.K. Builders & General Contractors has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. Thus our genuine know-how positively impacts the delivery of H.K. Builders services and fuels our success and continued growth. Over the last few years our Nation has experienced and still is experiencing tremendous infrastructural growth and H.K. Builders & General Contractors has played a big role in bring about the fruition of some of these projects. Thus H.K. Builders understand the need to Commitment to Excellence, High Standards Performance, Reach out to the Community, Providing better solutions for our Clients, Organizations and Nation as a whole.

In addition due to the tremendous growth we are experiencing, as a company H.K. Builders & General Contractors has incorporated a subsidiary company Accurate Power Systems Ltd which is fully dedicated in the supplying of goods and services in the energy sector. Naturally it should not come as a surprise that we fully understand what is required off us, as a company in meeting the needs of our clients.

Being a shining light in the construction industry both locally and internationally.

To be the leading construction company that offers exemplify workmanship. Aiding Individuals and organizations in meeting their goals, objectives, hope, desires and dreams.

The company has a large pool of experienced engineers, project managers, administration managers and supervisors. With over 100 hundred employees all committed to excellence, high standard performance and attention to detail in their various tasks. These qualities ar what ensures that both the company’s and clients goals and objectives are accomplished. Given the large scale in which we operate, the ever changing needs of our clients and the industry as a whole. We occupy and employ individuals with different talents, expertise and experience depending on the nature and geographic locations of the project.

Ethics and Values

Operating in large and diverse markets, having a common set of values provide distinctive benefits as a corporate and at an individual level on how to conduct business. This brings about a cohesiveness in teamwork and business relationships.

1. Building Long Term Relationship

A business is as good as the clients it serves.

  • Speedy handling of future projects; having worked together before there is a familiarization with each other’s operating methods thus each party knows what required of them
  • This will ensure growth for both parties (company and clients)
  • Meeting and surpassing clients’ expectations given that we are familiar with our client’s expectations.

2. Trust

Trust is one of the most important pillars in the business environment: where both parts are willing to rely on the actions which they have agreed on.

  • This ensure a conducive environment in which to conduct business.
  • Having been given a sense of control, this enables us to fully apply our expertise and experience into our projects.
  • This also leads to creativity; being given the freedom to fully apply ourselves, this opens the door to new ideas in some of the aspects of the project.
  • Yielding better results; following our point above, the introduction of new ideas only helps to enhance the overall outcome of the project.

3. Excellence/Quality Workmanship

As we have mentioned before we aim to meet, improve and surpass our clients’ needs.

  • This ensures the safety of the individuals using our final product.
  • This ensures the durability of our projects as we do not compromise on the materials and equipment we use.
  • This also ensures that we go the extra mile to make sure that we deliver the very best.
  • Plus this ensure we source the very best in terms of materials, equipment and work force to guarantee that we offer the very best to our clients.
  • Innovation; when you have a group of talents and well equipped individuals all with the desire and willingness to go the extra mile. One can be sure that they will come up with new ways/methods on how to improve on the status quo.

4. Safety

Given the area in which we specialize in, there is a likelihood of the risk of danger or injury. This may be during the construction process itself or even after completion.

  • This encourages teamwork as individuals’ are mindful of each other in the work place.
  • In our quest to ensure the safety of our employees we make sure we source for the very best equipment, this in turn does not only increase productivity but quality of the work overall.
  • We are aware that after completion of our projects many individuals will be using them. Thus durability plays a huge role in the overall construction of the project.

5. Accountability

As a company we are responsible/answerable from the initial stages of the project, till the very end.

  • This guarantees timely delivery of the project.
  • This also guarantees we are mindful of the budget allocation ensuring we deliver to the client a complete project within their budget.
  • This will also ensure customer satisfaction, handling any queries that the client may have.